What is
Project Bullyproof?

Project Bullyproof is not a Karate Course, it's a Practical Self-Defense Workshop presented by the Titan Karate Instructors designed for children, 5-12 years.


What makes this Self-Defense workshop different?  

No Experience

Project Bullyproof is open to the public. You don't need any Martial Arts Experience to benefit from this workshop.


We use terms and scenarios kids will understand and enjoy to keep them interested and engaged. We interact with the kids at their level while making sure the purpose of the activity is not lost.   


Project Bullyproof can be taught with the involvement of a parent, actually we encourage it. Back at home you get to play fun interactive games with your child, taught during the Workshop, to keep their new skills sharp.

What will my child learn?

All the Self-Defense Techniques that are taught are non-violent, age appropriate techniques that focuses on taking control rather than injuring.

Private Workshop


For ages 5-12 years.
+/- 1-2 Hour Workshop

5 Bullyproof Techniques

Money-Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied that your child has learned anything of value. Practical Self-Defense Techniques and Games to play at home with an Adult. The games are designed to keep children motivated to improve and perfect their newly acquired skills.

Project Bullyproof for


For ages 5-12 Years

Discounted prices are given to Pre-Primary, Primary, After-Care, Creches/Playschools, Church Groups etc.

Please Enquire to learn how your students can benefit.  

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Erwee Tiran

5th DAN Black Belt Shotokan Instructor

067 152 8955

Marisca Uitenweerde

3rd DAN Black Belt Shotokan Instructor
065 509 4429